Mapping your data to Directions

Data mapping

Getting your data into a new system is more than half the work of implementing a new system.  We help you understand where the data goes in Directions but you need to be able to get everything out of your current system.  These are the steps to get your data into Directions:

  1. Export your data from your current system.  This includes items and item categories, vendors, and customers.  Each of these major areas has detail transactions.
  2. Upload the raw export files to your Directions server space.
  3. Review the data with a Directions expert in our office.  We take the time to learn your data and help you understand how it maps into Directions.
  4. We prepare the mapping  for your files and review it with you.
  5. You import your files into Directions.  Upload your item and category images.

Now the fun begins!  You review your business data in your Directions test system.  This is where it helps to have multiple people working with different parts of the system.  For example, let your expert in each of the following areas validate your data and work with the system:

  • Review vendors, item purchasing information, and purchase orders.
  • Review warehouse locations and inventory balances.  Do all kinds of inventory adjustments.
  • Review item marketing information, item categories, and items on the web site.
  • Review call center order entry, customer service transactions such as returns, replacements, and refunds.
  • Review warehouse fulfillment operations such as printing orders and pick/pack/ship.
  • Review accounting reporting through to the financial statements.

When all these steps have been completed, you will be ready to go live with Directions.

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