Customer Service

Customer service can answer any questions and resolve problems using Directions order update.  Call center people can look up a customers’ order and view status by line item.  Any problem with the order can be resolved within the original order.  Additional lines are added to the order to track returns, issue credits, receive returns, etc.

Every line added to an order will have an Action code and a Reason code for that action.

An Action code identifies what is to be done:  ship missing or replacement items, issue credits for shipping.

A Reason code identifies why the action is necessary:  call center error, warehouse error, marketing error.

Customer service transactions are all applied to the original order keeping the entire customer transaction on a single page.

Customer service order update

These are examples of Action codes:

Customer service action codes

These are the options for each Action code:

customer service action code details

These are examples of Reason codes:

Customer service reason codes

These are the options for each Reason code:

Customer service reason code details

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