Directions integration with eBay

Hot topic around here is eBay store integration with our customer’s fulfillment system.   The problem was getting one-of-a-kind items into eBay auctions without having to set up, monitor, and complete each auction individually.

This client was all single items, some with high value, some with low.  They needed to move items that were not getting attention on their website.  eBay was the perfect solution, if they could make it seamless with the rest of their operation.

Our software solution, Directions, allows them to set categories and attributes in an item which start an auction at a specified time and a
specified date and run for a variable number of days.  If the item is sold at auction, or on a Buy it Now, it shows up with the regular flow of orders from the web.  Their eBay store works like any other eBay store, but seamlessly flows into the rest of their Directions software.

Are any of you having problems with your ebay store?  Call us.

Automate your eBay auctions with Directions

If you are reading this you probably are already selling on eBay.  And you’re aware of the headaches managing an eBay store can give you.  Directions is completely integrated with eBay.  As items are set up and received, they can automatically post to eBay as auction or store items.  For auctions, when a bid is placed on an item, Directions allocates that item from inventory, just as it would be allocated by a web or call center order.  When the auction closes, an order is created in Directions for the eBay buyer.

Items purchased from your eBay store are similarly ordered in Directions.  These orders are held until you get eBay payment notification, then the orders are released for fulfillment.

The key to selling on eBay, like most thing on the web, is search.  You need to have items in the correct eBay categories to be found.  Directions makes eBay easy.  As you put an item into your web categories, you also assign eBay categories.

Assign eBay categories

Assign eBay categories

Directions “learns” how your categories match up to eBay categories and the process gets easier as the eBay categories are pre-assigned based on your web categories.

For continuity, if an item doesn’t sell in its alloted time, it can be automatically re-entered into eBay.

Harnessing the power of eBay, without the pain of eBay administration is ahuge advantage to those businesses powered by Directions, Order Fulfillment Software.

Automatic eBay, how are you doing it?  Let us know.